Logo and Graphic Design

Have you ever wanted to design your own logo, business card or even a poster??

Our Logo and Graphic design course teaches you how to use the powerful Adobe Illustrator to create your own graphics and you will even cover how to prepare your artwork for the printers.
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We’ll start by giving you a full understanding of what graphic design is and how it has developed through culture and media, from its beginnings right through to its crucial role in today’s online industry.

From there we’ll introduce you to Adobe Illustrator, the industry standard software for graphic design. We’ll show how to use all the key tools and functions of the software and get you to the point where you have the ability and confidence to start designing on your own.

The course will also teach you how to take on actual clients, from understanding a client’s needs to delivering ideas and end product. And after learning the power of the pen tool you will move on to creating a logo, business card and finally a brochure.

Graphic Design 101

Through the course you’ll not only learn how to start designing but we’ll teach you the fundamentals of what graphic design is and how it has evolved.

Bring your sketches to life

All good design starts with paper and pen. We will get you sketching down all your ideas and then through using the Pen Tool you’ll learn how to bring them to life on the screen, ready to print.

Take your design skills to the next level                                                                             

Our promise is that after this course you will have the skills to create your own graphic design material and be ready to take it to the next level with our Intermediate Course.



Course Details:

Total Class: 24
Per Class: 2 hours
Course Duration: 3 months
Course Fee: 10,000 BDT


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